What is codependency?

There are innumerable definitions of codependency that exist, as well as experiences that represent them. In the illumination or desperation to give a definition to this disease, some therapists have proclaimed that “codependency can be anything and anyone is codependent”. So, who is right? What definition we should adhere?

The word codependency appeared in the scenarios of psychological treatments at the end of the decade of the 70′. We do not know with certainty who was the one who discovered it, but obviously many people claim to have done, then this word emerged simultaneously in several centers of medical treatment in the city of Minnesota, according to the information of a licensed psychologist and recognized leader in the field of codependency.

Originally this word was used to describe the person or persons who had a life seriously affected as a result of their close relationships with someone who has a chemical dependency.

children, the spouse or dependent of someone who we can say chemically dependent was seen as a person who had developed this pattern to be able to “deal” with our life, which was not healthy as, for example:

  1. A relationship toward the abuse of alcohol.
  2. A relationship toward the abuse of drugs.
  3. An abusive relationship toward another person.

Then, we can say that a codependent person is one that allows the destructive behavior of other people seriously affects, to such an extent that it comes to haunt with control the behavior of that individual. Such person or individual may be a child, a lover, an adult or a spouse, a sister or brother, may be a grandparent, uncle, a close friend or a customer.

These people may also be alcohol, people physically sick, can be an individual or a drug addict, people mental, can a person be completely normal that very occasionally has episodes of sadness. Etc.

In conclusion, in the core of the definition and the recovery is not in the other person, no matter how much we believe strongly that it is as well, but that is in the hands of a person who is truly suffering from this disease, which can be you, your brother, your father or mother, any close friend.

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