Two Compounds That Account for Much of the Popularity of Tongkat Ali

While modern pharmaceutical medicines are capable of many miraculous-seeming things, Mother Nature is no slouch, either. In fact, scientists are still discovering entirely natural substances that can promote human health in truly impressive ways.

A plant native to Southeast Asia known as “Tongkat Ali,” for example, has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. With a seemingly inherent ability to boost testosterone production in those who take it, the plant has come to seem like an especially interesting option to millions around the world. A look at two of the most important compounds found in Tongkat Ali root extract will give an idea as to how this substance works.

A Natural Substance Rich in Compounds Critical to Sex Hormone Production and Regulation

Although it is present in both men and women, the hormone testosterone is associated with a wide range of biological processes that are conventionally regarded as masculine. In people of both sexes, the body’s production of testosterone drops steadily after a certain point in life, but men tend to experience this decline in more noticeable and troubling ways. The roots of the plant Tongkat Ali contain two substances that can help reverse or minimize the negative effects of this common, natural process:

  • Eurycomanone. A natural compound of the “quassinoid” family, eurycomanone acts directly on the human hypothalamus. In doing so, it stimulates specialized cells within that part of the brain to produce more testosterone. The hormone that is released via this channel ends up being free for the body to utilize for any of a wide variety of reasons. As such, even a minor improvement in testosterone production of this kind can encourage improved energy levels, the development of more muscle mass, and other positive effects.
  • Triacetyleurycomanone. Another compound found in the roots of Tongkat Ali plays a very different but also important role. Instead of encouraging the production of more testosterone, triacetyleurycomanone helps regulate the body’s stocks of the other major sex hormone, estrogen. Taken together with the effect of eurycomanone, this can be helpful to many older men.

A Better Balance of Testosterone and Estrogen Can Mean a More Rewarding Life

For men who feel the effects of declining testosterone production especially pointedly, the relief that Tongkat Ali can offer is often especially welcome. While it is not a panacea, this plant from Southeast Asia has become so popular for good reasons.