Four Best Medan Sights & Landmarks

In this modern era, human lifestyle becomes more competitive and stressful. To maintain someone performance in this difficult environment, having a vacation can help a lot. Medan, Indonesia is one of the recommended place to visit, especially if you have passion for photography. This city has so many iconic places to capture great photos. The paragraph below will give you some suggestions about the best Medan sights & landmarks.

Medan has a lot of picturesque places to visit. Some of the best tourist attractions in Medan for photography are listed below:

  • Mesjid Raya Al Mashun (Al Mashun Grand Mosque): this mosque is the main mosque in Medan and can be considered as the most beautiful mosque in Medan. It was constructed using imported materials, including Italian marble. You are allowed to wander around the mosque and admire the elegant details exhibited by the architecture. The highlights of this mosque are the dark exquisite domes, wonderful stain glass, and emerald green tiles. Non-worshippers are allowed to take a tour outside prayer hours and expected to dress politely to respect the holy place.
  • Tjong A Fie Mansion: everything within this mansion, such as accessory and furniture, is arranged to make it looks like someone is living in the mansion. Once you enter the building, it will take you back to the old days. Situated in Medan’s downtown, this mansion combined Art-Deco, Malay, and Chinese architecture as its design. Tjong A Fie was a merchant from China who tried to gain fortune in a city which is now known as Medan. During his stay in the city, he managed to become a philanthropist, a well-respected leader, and a wealthy entrepreneur.
  • Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni: for a photography enthusiast, this Catholic Church is a great place to visit thanks to its unique architecture. First established in 2005, this church gives a sense of optical illusion with its architecture. Inspired by Indian temple, this church has lavish furnishings and the colorful and elegant effigies. You are able to take various extraordinary pictures in this church. Don’t worry, both worshippers and visitors are welcomed to this church. It can be considered as the powerful symbol of the diversity of ethnicity living in Medan.
  • Medan Post Office: this post office is located in the middle of Medan and can be considered as one among the most distinct buildings within the area. Constructed in 1911, the era of Dutch Colonial, this building was originally designed by an architect from Netherlands, which make this building very distinct with its classic European architecture. If you want to feel the ambience of old European ambience without having to go to Europe, you can visit this post office. It is also very picturesque to be captured on your camera.

Other than the places mentioned above, there are still a lot of interesting places you can visit during your travel to Medan. However, for short trip, these places are certainly must-visit. Do not forget to prepare your camera and capture memorable photos in these places.


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